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    Default CN Garden rooms?

    Can you come in and out of the garden rooms (first floor) through your patio doors, or do you have to get back in around the back of the building. At CSA you could walk out a ground floor room, but could not go back in that way. I guess that is what I am asking?

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    Default Doors at CN

    Hi Grayturtless,

    You'll need to come and go from the "entry" door in your CN ground floor room. You cannot lock the patio door from the outside, and there are not very many "paths" from your patio to the sidewalk. Our favorite room is on the first floor.

    But, no worries, as CN is very compact, and it's not a long walk to anywhere...



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    The patio doors do not have a lock on them that you can use from outside.

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    The door on the balcony is a sliding glass door. So I guess if you wanted to leave it unlocked, you could do it. Housekeeping could possibly lock the sliding glass door when they come into clean. So you might still need to go to the 'front' door.
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