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    Default Beachfront suites CSS?

    Do most people prefer the bottom floors or the upper floors? Can you walk in and out from the first floors through your patio?

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    We had first floor and it kinda stunk being right off the foot path. Also you could unlock or lock the patio from outside so you had to go around.

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    We had a first floor last year. Yes you can go in and out through the patio, but then your patio door can not be locked from the outside. We liked it though, but mainly that we did not have to climb stairs which my husband has some problems with (he has COPD), but anyone would be great for me.

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    We enjoyed our beachfront suite but I was glad to be on an upper floor due to more privacy. We stayed in an ocean view suite our first night and although it was a larger suite, I much preferred the beachfront suite. Enjoy!

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    The higher the floor the better the view and it is a bit more private without people looking in at you on the patio as they walk by. To avoid going around to the inside room door you would have to leave your sliding patio door unlocked all day. It is done but not the best of ideas.

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    Thank you for your replies. We generally like the upper floors as well, but if you could enter and exit through the patio doors, that would also be great; but I did not think you would be able to.

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    we had a third floor room and loved it. the views were stunning

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    We had a Beachfront Suite on the bottom floor and absolutely loved it! We could walk out the back sliding glass door and straight to the beach! I'm hoping to get one again next year when we're back at CSS!
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    Default We Loved the our 1st floor beachfront year before last.

    I think we were in A3, not sure, but it was heaven, only used the front door 3 x Walked out every morning right at the pool, quick access to everything. DH would go down to the Beach Grill and get coffee, we would sit on the patio and watch CSS come alive. We loved the ease. and no we did not lock our patio doors, so that we could run in and get anything we needed.

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