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    Default Tie Dye, Hat & Jewelery Making - Does it cost extra ??

    Does the tye-dye activity cost money to make a T-shirt ? Same question for hat making and jewelery making classes. We're staying at CSA if that makes a difference....

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    Default CSA - activities

    For the Tie N Dye shirt class, I paid $6 and it was charged to the room. The shirts all came out different and looked very cool. They were hung on a clothesline on the beach to air dry. The hat making class was "free" but last year at CN, we paid ~$12.00 to purchase one. I did not participate in the beaded jewelry making class - sorry!
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    Thanks for the help and ESPECIALLY the picture. $6 for a shirt is a good deal, but that hat is huge and would never fit in our luggage. Thanks so much...

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    We took our own t-shirts, but did tip the lady that did our tie dye as she was not a couples employees. We made them for the kids for their souvenirs. If you are coming back into the states, chances are you won't get past customs with your hat if you make one. So if you do, make it early so you can enjoy it. It is part of a plant and they are not supposed to be taken into the U.S.

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    Jewelry class is free and I made some cute bracelets. Fun!!

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    Default Hat Making Class

    Additional tip, you can purchase a hat that is already "brown" with which you shouldn't have any trouble bringing back thru customs. The hats will start out green in color but turn a nice shade of brown as they dry. Also for packing purposes, and the hat is not all that large in real life; I suggest that you stuff shirts or socks in the in the big part of the hat to cushion it. No problem mon bringing it home safely...they travel well!

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    We were just at CTI in early April. We did the Tie N Dye class. It was not additional, nor was tipping necessary as it was put on by Couples employees Mathew & Danielle- both Entertainment coordinators. We used our complimentary "just married" t-shirts for the class and they came out awesome! Another girl brought several cute solid colored tank tops and they came out even better with the base color showing through. I didn't make it to any other classes though

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    The baskets are sort of large too, depending on how you make them. They are pretty easy to pack into your luggage because you can put clothing and other items in and around them. It actually makes a a safe little place to put other little things that are more delicate. I wrap the little things we get from the gift shop in a shirt or whatever and put it in one of the baskets. We did the same thing with the hat. This also helps them keep their shape. If they get a little smushed just get them wet and reshape them when you get home.

    About the hats and customs- I have seen people with hats that were good and brown at the airport and they were confiscated. The airport people know darn well that they were made locally. Some let it slide but many do not. I always joked that we should peel some "Made in China" stickers off of something else and put them on the hats. It's easier to just stick them in the checked luggage though.

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    After attending two free basket classes at CSA we bought a frame Nigel had made from the basket materials to display our picture with him and "give" him a little money for entertaining and teaching us. Jimmy, the jewelry guy, sets up a table with some things he has made which can be purchased inexpensively. I took that path while my wife sat with 13 other ladies and made her own. I was rewarded by having a beautiful bracelet and some inspiring conversation with an articulate, spiritual man. Dennis, the hat guy, regaled us with stories about how he learned his craft and made a hummingbird for us which we bought. I don't know what Couples pays these guys, but they were a highlight of our visit so we found ways to pay them for free stuff.

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    My husband always does the classes at CSA. He has done a few of hat making and one year when we went astray and went to St.Lucia although hat making wasn't offered at S he managed to make a hat and fellow vacationers were quite impressed. Last few years has done baskets which have come in handy at home. This year did jewellery making and made me a lovely necklace. It's the thought that counts.
    There has never been a cost but he has tipped the instructors. Also for tie dying if anyone has a baby in the family take some onsies and do tiedye. They are too cute.

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