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    Default CSA Catamaran Cruise - length ?

    I see they go out at 3:30 and Im guessing they come back after sun down ? Anyone know about how long they are ?

    What the activities are ? Just riding ? Thought I read somewhere you go to Rock House...

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    For our catamaran cruise at end of February, they asked the participants to meet at the beach at 3:30 and usually, everyone was boarded by 4:00pm. You will cruise up the coastline, up past Rick's Cafe and then turn around a little past the lighthouse. On the way back, we anchored by the Rock House. If the water isn't too rough, you can swim into the cave or just swim near the boat. There is a sliding board on the boat for additional fun. After these activities, you continue to cruise back to CSA as the sun sets. Typically, Rasta Ralphie provides the entertainment on board. It's lots of fun and the sunset is amazing. Plan on arriving "home" ~ 6:15 - 6:30pm. Go - ENJOY!
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    About 3 hours... like Gilligan's Island. You get back to the resort at about sunset. The trip is fun... you sail along the coast as far as the lighthouse, then turn around and stop at St.Joe's Cave, where you can have a quick dip and have some fun... dancing and sippin' RedStripes and rum punch all the way...

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    You are correct that it comes back just as the sun is setting. It goes to the caves and you can get off and swim if you want. It's about 2 1/2 hours or so.

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    I am trying to remember the time it took as I did not take a watch. I think around 3 hours or so and you get back while it is still light out although the sun is setting. Activities on board are drinking rum punch, listening to reggae music, site seeing down the coast to just beyond Rick's where you will see cliff jumpers going into the water, and on the return trip a stop in a cove where you can swim into a shallow cave where you can touch the bottom and also use the built in slide on the catamaran to dive or jump into the water. They do offer float belts if you want them. Lots of fun and a great way to spend a few hours.

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    You'll be back to the resort around 6pm.

    They take you to a cove where you can swim and go off the slide. You will go along the coastline and be able to see the cliffs of Negril. There aren't really any 'activities' on the cruise. Mainly you sit and chat with people and watch the beautiful scenery go by. If Rasta Ralphie is on your trip he will entertain you with his guitar.
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    Activities? Let's see Music, drinking and fun! Wife and I went for first time to CSA for 32nd anniversay, and was told by friends not to miss the "booze cruise"!

    You cruise along the coast, up to a lighthouse and turn around. Then they stop near caves and invite every to swim in and back. Now understand, my wife had no intention of going in. But....after putting on a preserver she jumped in like everyone else. The boat has a sliding board that was a blast. We swam into the cave, really amazing.

    My wife is still talking about it. We had a great time, and when we got back (maybe 6;30-7) everyone was sorry it ended. Our advice, make sure you go on it!

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