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    Can anyone that has been to CTI lately, tell me where, what time it opens, and what is available at the Coffee Bar I have heard is at CTI.

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    It's in the Logo gift shop which is at the back of the beach, I think the shop is open from 10 until 5 or 6 pm. I can't tell you what they serve though. I'm sure someone else can.

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    Just returned from CTI. The coffee bar is in the Logo shop on the beach. It opens at 10 a.m. There are also very good cookies with the coffee. You can get coffee hot or iced.

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    I went to the coffee shop almost every afternoon. I had either a cappucino or a latte. It was a great pick me up and tasted good too.

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    Do they have a variety of flavors you can add to the coffee? The coffee shop wasn't there when we were there for our weddingmoon, so definitely excited to get my daily fix in October!

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    I don't think they had any flavored syrups, but I could be wrong. I just added a little sugar and it was great.

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