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Thread: Will it fit?

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    Default Will it fit?

    Leaving for CSA in 16 days! Just wondering, is the iPod dock compatible with the iPhone 4 or do I need to bring my charger? I will need it,as all of my music is loaded onto it. Thanks!

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    The ipod dock being an electronic device anything could happen, even if it's working fine on your arrival it could die mid-trip. I assume Couples could replace it but what if they can't right away? You are interested enough to ask the question and you specifically state you will need it. The charger for the phone takes up essentially no space in your suitcase. I say bring your charger just in case regardless. I had an ipod that fit in the dock so I don't know the answer but took my charger anyway. I plan to have an iphpone next trip and I'll take my charger just in case. Maybe it's just me but better safe than sorry.

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