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    Default Who's going to be at CSA 9/3 - 9/12?

    My fiance Sarah and I are getting married 9/5/09 at CSA. We'll be at the resort from 9/3 - 9/12. It's our first time at a Couple resort and we are very excited. We're looking for some crafty veterans to show us the ropes. Post a picture of yourself if you'll be there during that time. We'll look for you at the pool bar and "buy" you a drink!

    29 days and counting.... Wish us luck!

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    Mike and Shanna will be there the 5th - 12th of Sept.. We too though are first timers to a couples. Congrats and see ya there.

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    Default sept 3-10

    we will be sharing the same wedding day at CSA. we r getting hitched at 4:00. we are first timers as well.

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    david and beth aug 30- sept 6 See you there!!

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    Kay and Phil from San Antonio will be there Sep 4-12. It is our third visit to CSA.

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    First timers to CSA...sept 10-14- Josh and Julie
    Looking forward to a great time!!!!

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