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    Default Help! question for past brides.

    We are getting married at CSS 10-4-11 and am wondering about what my dress is going to do in the sand/water. Its a chiffon long dress with sweep train, I really want pictures of us walking on the beach and in the water, but we are having a large reception when we get home and I am planning to wear my dress for that. We only have a few days from the time we get home to the reception, not enough time for dry cleaning. So do I need to worry about my dress getting wet? will the water/wet sand leave water marks, how realistic is it to "just let it dry and shake it out". Any help would be much appreciated, starting to stress only have 90 days till we leave and 94 until THE day.
    Thanks Ladies......................

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    I think they can dry clean your dress at the resort. I think I've seen that mentioned on the board. Do you have enough time after the wedding at the resort for them to do that? I'm sure it wouldn't take that long.

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    My other suggestion is to do what I did, but for a different purpose. Buy a second (inexpensive) dress. I plan to do a trash the dress shoot in my original dress. Then I'm changing into the second dress for the rest of the evening & dinner at the resort. You could do the reverse and change into the second dress FOR the trash the dress shots. My dress was initially only $180 at Nordstrom, but I bought it new with tags on Ebay for $80. When I was looking for a second dress, I found quite a few for $200 or less that I really liked.

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    Stacie & Chris- Thank you for your help, great idea regarding dress.

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    Just got back and I went into the water with my dress. All I did was rinse it in the shower after. I got most of the sand out. My dress was all lace. I then hung it on the balcony to dry for the day. I am not sure if it smells thou. When I put it in the suitcase on sat it seemed to be okay. But I did not do the sniff test! Right now its still rolled in the suitcase, just got home last nite from 2 wonderfull weeks at CSS I will be doing a full review in the next day or 2, still waiting on my photographer to post the pics on her site. (used an outside photographer)

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    Welcome back, Sun!!!!

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    I am in the exact same situation as you...wearing the dress at resort, wanting water pics, wearing dress back home at reception also...
    My dress is a Galina Signature with a chiffon layer on top. I was just at the seamstress and she said that it was a super easy to clean dress.

    She suggested to hand wash if it I got sand on it. But she said it could wait until I got home.

    I suggest asking your seamstress or where you bought your dress about the washability of yours.

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    My dress did get a little wet and had sand caked on it at the bottom but for me mine shook right out. My dress is ivory but I didn' t notice any stains on it. I have my reception this week and I'm not planning to have it drycleaned before. Good luck!

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    sunstarsmoon- Congrats! & thanks for taking the time to reply.............glad to hear your dress was so easy to clean. Hope mine is too.

    SunshineandFire- your dress sounds very much like mine, its also a Galina Signature with a chiffon layer on top, does your have the crystal pleats? anyway good to know it should be easy to hand wash cause I really want to wear it at both. BTW what did your seamstress say about busselling your gown? I have appt this Friday hope she has good things to say

    Thanks everyone

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    Mine is Galina Signature Style 9637 . I'll be taking the dress back to my seamstress after the wedding to bustle it for the reception. I think she mentioned that 3 bustles will work.

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    My dress is all lace and from the Galina line. I would love to know the best way to preserve and clean it after the ocean pics. I can't wait to hear all about your wedding at CSS!

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    I just put the dress in the shower and ran cold water on it till all the sand etc was gone then hung it on the balcony for the day to dry. It does not smell at all

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    My dress got a few snags on the beach. I came home and noticed that the entire underneath was dirty due to the sand. My dress did end up getting a little bit wet because we had to get close to the water in order to get some good shots. I would prepare to get it cleaned as soon as you get back. It will most def. need it!

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