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    Default Honeymoon in October!!!

    Let me just say thank you all for posting all of your experiences and what not on this message board. I have been registered for about a week and decided to just read everything before I even posted something. My fiance and I are getting married Oct. 8th and leaving the morning of Oct 9th to go to CTI. This will be my first time ever leaving the country. We have been researching everything there is to do so my question to you all is, what is a MUST DO? We'll be here for about 5 days. My fiance wants to go on the Bob Marley tour. What do you do on the Cat Cruise? Is Dunns River Falls that spectacular, or is it just something you should do so you can say you've done it?

    -Eager and Very Excited-

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    What you MUST DO is not fill up your trip with a schedule, allow plenty of time to sit on the beach doing nothing.

    Dunn's River Falls is sort of both spectacular and one of those things you do once but if you go back to Jamaica you probably don't do again. Google it and look at pictures. It's essentially a waterfall over a spiral rock staircase that you climb starting at the bottom which is the sea. It can be a difficult climb as some of the "steps" are tall and it's slippery in places. You'll want appropriate footwear such as watershoes or sandals with a bit of tread but that will tolerate the water and stay on your feet...something along the lines of Keen's. We've done it once and I wouldn't do it again unless we had friends with us that just desperately wanted us to join. I love Negril and I wouldn't plan a trip around it and I wouldn't travel to Dunn's from Negril. Since you are at CTI I'd put it into the hat of options.

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    We do absolutly nothing. Biggest decision of the day is do we sit at the pool or the beach and where to eat first.

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    Thats exactly what I dont want to do...fill up my day with stuff to do. Then it's just like staying home. Well, not exactly, but you get my drift. Thanks for the feed back!

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