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    Default are we going to be the only ones there?

    Hello all!
    We are coming to CTI May 7-12. (first time at CTI, second time at a Couples). We put a message thru a few weeks ago but no one replied for that time frame - sounds like we're going to be the only ones there that week! We were hoping for some socialization at the swim-up bar! Anyone going May 7-12, give a holler, we'd love to hear from you.
    Judi and Jim - from Wisconsin (snowed this morning - yes, in April! 18 more days - can't wait!)

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    Hey Judi and Jim, wish I was going to be there.. I am sure you will have plenty of company!! Saw you were from WI and thought I would say HI to a fellow WI resident!! Have a great time, I have to wait until Dec.. This snow has got to stop...snowing again this morning! UG!

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    We're there May 1st to 15th. I'll keep a seat for you at the bar on the 7th!!


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    Did you look at the List for May 2011 thread?

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    Thanks, Charley! We'll hurry to the bar as quick as we can! Two whole weeks you will be there - lucky you.
    Jim will be the guy wearing the Green Bay Packer's cap.

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