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    My fiance's 26th birthday will be on our second day at CSS. I'd like to do something special for him, like a birthday cake or something. I haven't seen any information on this. I was wondering if anyone has celebrated a partner's birthday at Couples. What did you do? And do you know if they will do special birthday cakes or deserts? If so, do I arrange this before we go?


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    When you check in or sometime during your stay depending on when the birthday is contact guest services or the romance concierge...both have helped people to celebrate birthdays. Cakes have been delivered at meals, to the room, a variety of things and they can help you do what suites you best. Be aware there may be a charge, you may want to ask if this is a concern so you know what to expect.

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    I let the guest service person know and at out dinner at Bayside (CTI) the staff brought out a special dessert with Happy Birthday, Michael" written in chocolate on the edges of the plate and sang Happy Birthday to him. At CSS, our friends found a cupcake and candle and brought that out to use and sang to him.

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    Contact the romance concierge. My wife made reservations at Lemongrass and ordered a cake for my bday. All done prior to arrival.

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    The staff was great when we celebrated our 16th at CSS last August. It was actually much more than I anticipated! You won't be disappointed!
    We let the staff know when we checked in.
    Have fun!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
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