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    Default RANDYMON CSS / SSB and Lounge Chair Coushins

    We where there 3rd week Jan this year and there were only enough coushins for half the chairs. Is this being worked on? I want to get a handle on this before we come back next Jan. For the comfort and experience of all CSS guests this is a hugh part of the relaxing experience. Having to worry every day whether or not you were going to be comfortable for the day was frustrating. It seemed SSB got the short end of the stick. Please advise how Couples is going to address this concern on behalf of the friends of SSB.

    Thank you
    Rob and Leslie

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    I second that. While I'll admit it was abnormally busy that week, it seems like there should be enough pads for all the chairs. That there were not really contributed to people "reserving" chairs pool ghoul style, which we never saw on previous trips. We inquired while we were there and they told us they were backordered. Has the problem been resolved?

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    My SIL lives on one of the Caribbean islands. She says that getting stuff is rather slow. So I'm sure if you were told that the floaties are on order, that they will get there eventually. Couples has little control over importing items to the resort. You just have to 'go with the flow' and know that it will eventually get there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We were at Couples Sans Souci in last week of March ( and loved it by the way ). And we spent most of our time on Sunset Beach. Lucky us, we had a room in Block A, so we were very close to SSB. Mid week they delivered a truck load of Lounge Chair Cushions, replacing the old tattered ones. They must of had enough for almost all of the loungers around the pool and on the beach. Couples appears to listen to their guests and reacts promptly. So no worries. No problems. We loved it so much we are returning at the end of September, it's already been booked.

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    That is GREAT news, Chicklett!!

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    Very nice reporting chicklett!! Good work! And thank you Couples for listening. See you Jan 2012

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