Having never experienced the whole AN thing and heading to CTI in June a couple of questions for the AN veterans of Couples:

1 Do you find that while being AN that you are more self conscious of your physical movements or body positions ? I mean how you bend over to pick something up, climbing in and out of the pool, how you lay on your lounger,etc? Do you try to be a bit modest or just act and move as though you are fully clothed? I suppose this may vary person to person just curious about how different people feel about it and whats the "norm".

2. The wife and I are considering buying our own snorkel equipment. Do many people snorkel from the island or textile beach?

3. My wife is a bit more apprehensive about going AN than I am. She has gone topless on other vacations but never the full monty. Any tips or words of advice for her from other women?