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    Default Are there any indoror restaurants for breakfast and lunch?

    Hello everyone,

    My husband and I would like to try a Couples Resort this summer. However, it looks like all of the restaurants open for breakfast and lunch are outdoor restaurants. Is this the case? I really prefer to eat indoors. Also, is room service availailable at any of the resorts?

    Thanks so much!

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    At CSA Patios Patio and Palms are both indoors. They are open air so to speak in that they are not fully enclosed but there is a "regular' roof over head and only the outer walls are partial walls the other walls are full walls. They are plenty cool if you are concerned about being too warm, there are ceiling fans and the temperature seemed just perfect all the time. If you don't want the sensation of being outside at all tell them you want to be toward the middle, everytime we were asked if we had a seating preference and we always asked to be on the outer wall so we could take in that awesome view! All the resorts offer some level off room service at breakfast. At CSA it's a continental breakfast only...pastries, coffee, etc. If you go to the web page for each resort you'll see the description for room service, click on dining and you'll see the restaurant descriptions. I think if you tried it you'd really love it.

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    Sans Souci is the only resort with an indoor option for breakfast and lunch. It is also the only resort that offers room service beyond a continental breakfast, although CTI will soon be adding (or recently added) room service.
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    We love CN the most, but you might not like the occasional bird flying thru Cassava Terrace. CTI's Patio may not be enclosed but it feels more like it unless you sit on the side looking out at the pool.

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    CSS offers full room service and CTI will come August. At CSS they do have a restaurant that is indoors for lunch. Not sure about breakfast as we have only visited on Trading Places. CTI does have continental room service for breakfast currently. We travel in July and never feel too warm eating at the patio for breakfast or lunch or at the grill for that matter at CTI. It is wonderful to sit and look out over the patio to the ocean and hear the waves and enjoy the ocean breezes. I am attempting to attach a photo of the view from the patio.
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    Hi there! Not sure about your preference but at CSS at least Pallazina is open everyday for lunch and dinner and provides both indoor and outdoor service. As most everyone prefers outdoors you would be all set. Also room service is great and available til 11. However any after hours eating us only available outdoors, oceanside... I know sounds awful. But really that is just CSS I am sure some of the other places have even more choices. Ps try eating outdoors in jamaica! Breakfast on a verandah is one of lifes greatest pleasure!

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    Coming from a cold climate, we love the options of dining outdoors.

    The restaurants have ceiling fans and consequently it is not hot. Now, the restaurants that are enclosed and have air conditioning always seem on the too cool side for me.
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    After experiencing eating in an open air restaurant, I would not choose to eat indoors if I didn't have to. You will LOVE it! The birds don't bother you if you don't leave your food unattended. And don't worry about the rain.... The restaurant is so big that the rain doesn't get in. It is actually even more romantic when it rains We had a massage in the tree house during the rain too and it was AMAZING! Enjoy!

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    as a general rule i hate eating outside...there was only once or twice in our week at css that we ate inside and I instantly regretted my decision to ask to be inside. outside is where it's at

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