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    Default Honeymoon in 21 days at CSA!!!!!

    We are so excited!! We will be at CSA for our honeymoon in 21 days. I can't wait. This is our first trip to Jamaica and to Couples. I've been waiting for this trip for over a year and now it is less than 3 weeks away. I hope these 3 weeks go fast. First I get to marry my fiancee on May 14 and get to arrive "home" on the 15th. SOOOOOO can't wait. I've been reading this message board since last year and have gotten so much info from it. Thank you to everyone for all of your posts.

    Thank you

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding and welcome to the Couples Family! I'm sure that both relationships will turn out grand. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA.

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