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    Default Review of CTI April 16-23

    I posted my review of CTI on Trip Advisor. It is titled, "Chocolate Croissants." It should be visible either Monday (4-25) or Tuesday (4-26)

    We had a great time & I am well rested. We will return @ Xmas or spring break 2012, or try Couples Negril. As usual I will not frequent this site as much until we book our next trip!

    One Love,


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    It took a week but they finally posted my review of CTI on Trip Advisor with some pictures. We are already looking at booking for Christmas break at CTI again or another Couples (Hoping to catch a sale). We also experienced the "Meet the People." program We had a great time and hopefully, you will too!

    One love,

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    Isn't CTI a very special resort?
    I'll go and read your review shortly.

    We are headed to CSS next Saturday and I will do a Trading Places Day over to CTI on May 12th...Just gotta go back and see the staff at CTI...

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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