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    What do the vendors at the CSS beach sell? What is the price range? Are they there everyday? We are trying to decide how much cash to bring with us for buying souvenirs.

    June 17-23, 2011

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    They had a couple of vendors there and price wise depends on how good you can barder.
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    I just recently returned from CSS and I noticed the venodors were set up by the main beach, and the beach grill. There are usually two or three tables with necklaces, hats and carvings. And the Tuesday beach party there were vendors set up at night along the walk way towards Dblock and Eblock

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    It really is all about the barter. We bought a large giraffe, medium giraffe, and a coconut bird house for $60. They wanted $60 just for the large giraffe. So barter, barter, barter. My husband spent several days bartering with the guy and when he got the price he wanted he bought it. I think it also helped that Scott told him we were leaving the next day.
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    some of the venders are there more than once but there's one that was only there one day. we got a few wodden things, mug that's decorated like a red stripe bottle, few painted sea shells, a wooden turtle wind chime and some jewlery. there's more then a few vendors during the beach party but not many deals to be found there

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