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    Hi we are flying from the UK in September 2011 to Couples tower isle. I was just wondering what outfits people wear. The flight is 9 hours long. Just dunno what to wear really and what shoes will go with what outfits.


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    What to wear on the flight or what to wear at Couples?

    For the flight it's always cold when we leave home so we wear warm-up pants and sweat shirts with shorts and t-shirts under. We have a layover in a warmer climate and will usually remove the warm-up pants but leave the sweat shirts on, I think planes can be chilly, since they are so thin they easily fit in the carry-on. When we get to Jamaica we take off the sweat shirts either while waiting to deplane or once we get in line at immigration. They easily drape through or tie to the handles of the carry-ons. The airport can sometimes be stuffy and it will certainly be hot once you get outside. It's a good idea to wear solid shoes when flying in case of an emergency so we wear our tennies for the trip from home to the resort.

    Clothes at the resort for daytime are swimsuits and cover-ups. Jamaica is humid and even in your room with the AC on your suits will take a few days to dry thoroughly so you'll want several.

    Evening wear can be repeated since you are only in it for a couple of hours. Pack light!!! Mix and match if you aren't packing dresses...capris and tops. You will see women in both dressy dresses, more casual dresses and nice capris so do what is comfortable for you. Bring one or two pair of shoes that will go with all your eveing clothes...a black pair of sandals for instance. Do go to the CTI website and look at the dining tab to see the dress code, there will be one restaurant that has a more strict dress code and if you want to eat there you will want to have the appropriate attire. Not to say you couldn't wear that outfit again later in your stay at another restaurant, just be sure you have the right clothes for that one night if you want to dine there. This will be most applicable to hubby really.

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    I say dress so you are comfortable. A nine hour flight is a long flight.

    We leave from central Wisconsin in early December. I dress in layers, espcially since I am always cold on the plane. So, I put a tank top under a sweater or sweatshirt, with another cardigan for extra warmth when I am cold. I wear my tennis shoes on the plane (easier for rushing through the airport with), and in my carryon I bring shorts and my sandles. I take the sweatshirt off at the lounge and tuck it into my carryone, as well as change into my shorts, and then change shoes.

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    Thank you. I think I have a idea of what Im going to buy to wear. Thank you
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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