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    Default Thats what you call great service!

    Wow, did I drop a big one! Here was I waiting my payment to go thro when suddenly on Saturday morning I get a mail advising my card had expired - oh my god, its a Bank Holiday weekend and I am thinking oh no, please dont cancel.

    In desperation I mailed HQ at Montego Bay and a great guy was right back on to me and able to take the payment - I was so pleased my Easter was great after all!

    So there is a lesson for all, if you book 12 months in advance like we did, dont forget to check your card for the date!

    Thank You so much Orville at MoBay, you saved my life - just another example of exceptional customer service - well done and heres looking to June 7th

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    Had the same exact issue arise today. Taken care of quickly by the reservations folks, Yvonne in particular. Waiting for the payment to go through in the next day or so.

    Home soon!

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    The same thing happened to us. It's easy to overlook the expiration date on a credit card used for the Love Away plan. Orville was awesome - he let us know there was a problem and it was resolved the next day.

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