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    Default What days are buffets at CN

    Sorry for all the quesation but I am trying to plan out my week for what to bring. What days are the buffet diiner at CN? Also did the dress code at Lychee change from resort casual to where men have to wear long pants?
    Once again thanks for all your help.

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    The dress code at Lychee did not change. It is still resort casual.

    I wouldn't be concerned with what nights are buffets. You just need resort casual for all nights except any night you go to Oteheite and the night of the beach party. I wear shorts and tank top the night of the beach party and nice sundresses the rest of the week.

    Also remember, you are hardly in your evening clothes so wearing them more than one night is fine.
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    The buffets at CN are on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Thursday is the beach party.
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    I just checked the new website out and looked through the restaurant section. It does now state that the dress code for Lychee is different than in the past. It states on the website that the dress code for Lychee is resort elegant (no jacket required). I'm glad I still read the message board!! I don't mind that the dress code changed but I really did like to have the option in the evening to decide which restaurant of the 3 (that don't/didn't require long pants) we wanted to eat at. I guess we'll have to plan ahead better..............

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