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    Default how do you plan a "Meet the People" experience?

    I have read about some of you doing a "Meet the people" and visiting a school, fire house, etc. How do you go about scheduling this? Do you wait until you are there, or is it something you schedule prior to your arrival? Also, if you are visiting a local school, how do you know what items will benefit the children most, in terms of a gift to bring, and how many children would be at the school?
    This sounds like an amazing experience, and I would love to take part and learn more about Jamaican coulture on our trip.
    Thanks for any input!!


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    I think we did it through the Jamaica Tourist Board web site, if I'm not mistaken. Don't wait until you get there.

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    I've never done it before, but I signed up for our next trip!
    GO HERE:
    and click "Sign Up Now" at the bottom. I got an email about 2 days later from someone on the tourism board. They will get in touch with you to finalize everything once you are in Jamaica. They connect you with a representitve from the tourism board that will be your guide-I was given her email address already so we can communicate before the trip. Can't wait to see more of the real Jamaica on our next trip!

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