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    Default Where oh where are they?.....Hugs

    Thru the years we have traveled to CN,CTI and CSS and met so many of the world's greatest guests but some seemed to have vanished and I am wondering what they are doing and why they have sorta disappeared.

    Can any of you think of strangers you met,swapped hugs with,had fun with and are now missing them?


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    Yes, Tommy, and YOU & PW are one of them!! haha! (Although, we met stateside.)

    But, you have asked a question that is always in my heart....I hate to let go of my friends and acquaintances! FB has been a help in that regard, but sometimes we don't catch last names of people we've connected with on vacation. That's where handing out "business cards" is helpful, if you want to continue the connection.

    Enjoy your visit back "home" next week! You'll be making more hugging friends, man!!

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    Raelene...I have had so much fun with so many strangers,became friends,at all of the Couples Resorts and I just wonder where they are and why some are not returning to Couples...I can not even begin to count them but I still remember so many faces and names...Hey,this makes this old fat man SAD.

    OK..I'll just keep on going to the Couples Resorts,meeting strangers,swapping hugs and making even more life time hugging friends.

    Tommywommy is headed to Huggerville...CSS...Couples Sans Souci...May 7-14,2011.

    Give Dave a hug for us...He's a good hugger.


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