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    just got back from cn the 24th. just a question. on the way down united said that the jamaican goverment would not let them give out immergration paper work that we would have to fill out once we arriver in jamaica. this is a first in over 20 trips with at least 8 different air carriers. is this true or a united we dont want to mess with it attitude. i would guess that it took an extra 15 or 20 min to clear customs because of this nonsence. enlight me. is this the case on all airlines now?

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    That would be new to us too, our 15th trip was last October on Delta and we got the paper work. No one else has mentioned it, you'd think it would have come up. Seems odd. Hope that's not going to be a new way of doing things, it will surely make for chaos in the immigration area.

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    News to me. Have not heard of this happening before and I am sure it is something that would be thread worthy on the message board.

    Maybe it is some new regulation, or maybe United wants to tack a fee on filling out the forms on their plane. Wouldn't surprise me.

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    We flew Air Jamaica last month and were given the immigration form to fill out on the plane.
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    In February on US Airways they handed out the paperwork on the plane to be filled out. Probably someone forgot to put them on the plane.

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    I don't know about y'all, but I always have a hard time giving United the benefit of the doubt.

    I have no idea what happened, but my gut feeling is that they forgot to stock the forms on the flight before leaving. In order to lessen the complaining, they referenced a vague excuse making it look like the Jamaican government's fault. They probably just didn't want to hear any (more) complaints. That is my GUESS.. In reality, I have no idea.

    I have however, had the opportunity to observe the shoddy nature of United's customer service first hand on several occasions. I avoid them whenever I can.

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    Just returned from CSA. Flew down on April 15, home on the 22nd. Air Tran gave us the papers on the flight down to fill out.

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    thanks folks. i am posting this while filling out my orbitz ins claim for being left stranded in ohar by said airline. i knew they broke gutiars but never though they would lie.

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