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    Default Fishing from Ocho Rios?? And on the pond at CSS.

    Has anyone done it and can you reccomend any charter to go with? We will do about any kind of fishing, but from what I have read Jamaica does not have the best has been over fished for years. My wife really wants to go. If anyone is interested in sharing a charter we will be there the first week of May.

    One other question has anyone fished the pond at CSS I have heard there are fish in it just wondering what kind so I could kill some time an evening or two.


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    The pond at CSS is loaded with what they call black perch, which are mostly the size of sunfish, and also loaded with large, hungry turtles. They have a fishing contest on the activity list which we participated in. They give you a stick with a 5 foot line and hook which you bait with bread. When you drop it in, the fish swarm on it. Whoever catches the most fish in 20 minutes wins a bottle of rum. If you can re-bait fast enough you might catch 20 - 30 fish.

    I'm not sure if they would let you fish on your own in the pond. I didn't see anyone doing it.

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