I am getting married in April 2010 and my parents are paying for our trip as our wedding present. In order for their credit card to be used to pay for our trip they had fax front and back of their credit card and a photo ID. they said it was not clear enough the first time and it took 3 faxes until they would except it. My mom does not have a fax machine in her house so she had to run out twice to send these faxes. I am very dissapointed that they gave her such a hard time because she was just trying to do something nice for us. Also this is a dangerous thing to do since faxes could get lost or sent to the wrong phone number and then they have all your info to book anything they want to. So beware if someone else will be paying for your trip I would just have them write you a check or give you the money and they you use your own credit card to book the trip. I really hope I will not have any other future problems with couples.