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Thread: AC- CSA Atruim?

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    Default AC- CSA Atruim?

    Is this a silly question? Do they have AC in the Atrium suites at CSA? I can't imagine they wouldn't.... but I don't understand how it wouldnt all slip out? I'm not sure I could sleep w/out AC in the middle of the summer.. Thanks and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    Yes there is A/C in the Atrium rooms. You closed the shutters and it's nice and cool. Enjoy.

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    You'll see from the description that every room at CSA has a ceiling fan AND air conditioning. The link above will also show you a picture of the shutters that are over the windows....they aren't your average mini-blind, they are made of heavy wood and they close fairly tightly, they will block out a lot of light and sound and also keep the outside air out and the inside air in.

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    Yep there is an a/c and a ceiling fan. Just close the wooden shutters and the room gets quite chilly, perfect for snuggling.

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    Great!!! September can't get here soon enough

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