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    What is the coolest thing you have seen in the ocean at CSA? We saw a stingray and one giant jellyfish (the only one I saw) as well as some colorful fish and crabs. Anyone ever seen anything else?

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    From the beach we have only seen fish and starfish, but if you scuba you will see stingray, lobster, lionfish, turtles, sharks, moray and all kinds of colorful fish. If you snorkel you will see fish and rays, but at the island between CSA and Negril there is a coral formation that if you have seen it you will not forget it. If you have not seen it ask the watersports guys at CSA to take you there and take your camera they will know what you are talking about. I did not have mine, but when we go back in August we will take pictures to show people back at home that we have told about it.

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    Turtles, barracudas, a HUGE ray - about 6 or 7 ft wide, plenty of different starfish, lobster, mermaid, etc

    Ok so maybe not the mermaid. When you go diving there they show you all the signs for different things you might see. One sign they show you is for mermaid and when someone asks if they have ever seen one they say that if they had they wouldn't have come back. On our last dive I was going to do the mermaid sign and point under a cave but Jelani didn't go on the dive at the last minute! Oh well, next time. lol

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    What's so special about the reef at Booby Cay? How can you get there? Jet ski or hobiecat?

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