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    Default Need shine control make up advice

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should wear for make up foundation/base. I have shine control problems as it is and with the humidity I'm really worried about having a shiny face for pictures. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    I have heard to NOT use any mineral based make up as the monerals in it tend to make you face shiny. I carry Clean and Clear oil absorbing blot sheets with me, these are great for soaking up the shine without taking off make up. I also use Maybelline Super Stay Makeup and it seems to be true to it's name! I work 12 hours shifts and my make up starts to wear off at the very end of the day but I am impressed with how long it lasts! And 5 of those hours are spent in a greasy resteraunt.
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    Smashbox has a really great line for photos! My friend is a makeup artist and she let me borrow this for my wedding day.. my face didn't look shiny at all!
    Also it might help if you actually go somewhere where they carry smashbox and have a makeup artist show you what to do.. good luck! :O)

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    I use bareminerals and their mineral veil is specifically for shine control! It is the best make up I have ever used and will be using it next week on my wedding day! Best of luck

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    Mac makes a product called Prep and Prime with an SPF of 50. (make sure you get the SPF one, not the other one.) Put it on under your makeup, and it will stay on FOREVER.... and I mean FOREVER! I wore it under my regular makeup (Bare Minerals) at DisneyWorld in August, and I swear that at the end of the day, it looked like I just put it on.
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    Thanks for the great info guys! I'm hoping to buy it now and give it a couple of test runs!

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    Dermalogica oil control lotion and MAC blot powder.

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    I got the MAC blot powder and the smashbox primer...going to try it out for a bit and see how it goes. Thanks for the tips guys. Also, I have a mix of dry and oily skin so I'm trying the body shop seaweed moisturizer and toner...see how that goes. What an expensive cosmetic trip LOL

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    My cosmetics trips are always expensive. LOL

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    LOL no kidding! I normally spend very little on make up but man was that an expensive trip! But hopefully worth it.

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    I used MAC Prep-n-prime and then blot powder, and it worked really well!

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