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Thread: May 14-21 2011

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    Default May 14-21 2011

    Just wondering if anyone will be there te same week as us? My fiancé will be getting married May 17 at 4!! We are coming alone! So super excited

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    Congrats! My fiance and I are getting married at 11am the same day =)

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    I'll be coming in the day you leave. We're getting married on the 24th at 10AM. Less than 4 weeks and counting!

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    What resort will you and your fiance be staying?

    My fiance and I along with two other couples will be staying at CN 5/16-5/23 and will be married at 4pm on 5/19!

    Enjoy your trip and congrats!

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    Getting married ast CSA May 18th at noon

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    Default May 11-18th

    We will be there May 11-18th and getting married May 14th at 4pm see you there~!!!

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    I will be getting married at 5:30 at couple's swept away on 5-17-11..Flying in on 5-13..Congrats!!

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    Will you guys be at CSS?

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    We are getting married at CSS!

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