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    Default Pallazina at CSS

    Love the new website!
    I see from the updated info about restaurants at CSS that it indicates Pallazina does not require reservations. Haven't been since 2009 but at that time, for dinner, you had to reserve?

    Has this changed?

    Are reservations at Cassanova unlimited or is there a cap?

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    I was thrilled to see that reservations for Pallazina are no longer required. I think it was a fabulous upgrade.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Boy I hope so. That was one on our major complaints about CSS: The lack of non-reservation restaurants.
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    when we were there in 2010 you needed reservations for pallazina for dinner. but not for breakfast or lunch

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    And I see when you click on the dinner menu it still says "dinner reservations required".

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    We just came back from CSS. Reservations are still required at Pallazina.

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