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    Default I Should know this BUT

    I should know this but not having been to Couples last year missed it so much and things might have changed
    Anyway i know Couples is cashless but can you pay your final account when you leave in cash.

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    Default long as you pay

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    I did in December.

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    Yes, that is exactly what we did. Just go up when you are about ready to check out and settle up, pay in cash and you're done.

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    Yes you can...

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    We did onetime at the end because I think it was only like 50 bucks. But usually we just run our card through at the end. That way its easier. But I know you can

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    Yes you can. Cash or credit/debit card.
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    Don't they take your credit card and put a $300 hold on it for incidentals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luv2Yak View Post
    Don't they take your credit card and put a $300 hold on it for incidentals?
    They do take a credit card number when you check in but that isn't really a charge or a hold...essentially they are checking to see that you have a way to pay for something should you run up a bill. It's common here in the US as well in hotels. Enough schmucks probably checked in, charged a bunch of stuff to the room and on check-out didn't have means to pay...what's a hotel gonna do, hold you hostage? You still have to pay when leaving if you have room charges and you have the option of paying with whatever means you choose, you don't have to use that credit card if you don't want to, you can but you don't have to.

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