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    Default Shuttle to Island Village From CSS

    Quick question. I noticed on the activity list there is a shuttle to go to Margarittaville at 11:00 one night a week. Is this the only time this shuttle runs or is it available during the day as well?

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    You can go to the lobby at any time and ask them about a taxi to take you over to Island Village Shopping Center. There is usually a taxi or two already at the resort that will take you. We have done this many times at CSS. The taxis the resort gets for you will be very trustworthy and you can tell them how long you would like to stay at Island Village and they will pick you up at the front entrance at a predetermined time. I believe that it was only around $10 US for the taxi.
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    The shopping trip also goes to Island Village a couple of days a week in the afternoon. Not sure what days or times. Just ask when you arrive at Guest Services.

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    We went on one of the shopping trips to Island Village. Can't remember what day that was though.

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    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE 11:00 PM TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We did that one trip and it was such a waste of time. Margaritaville and did not hear ome Buffett song. We even requested it and the DJ just wouldn't play any.
    The place was packed and you could not even walk around to find a table. It was nothing but a bunch of head banger, hip-hop music with a bunch of drunk kids. I think that the night the Bus goes in from Couples is a night that they have the ships in dock so you get that crowd also.
    We always take the taxi in to town during the day. Margaritaville is almost empty, you can walk up to the bar and order drinks or find a table to order food and relax. When you get tired of Island village take a walk up the street about half a block to the Tajmahal.
    If you do hit town a day the ships are in, let them know that you are from Couples, not from a ship. we always get a better discount that way.

    Have Fun, Relax and Boil,

    Finns Up !

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    Thanks for the info everyone. I have been to Jamaica a couple of times and make it a point to avoid most of the shopping areas just because I'm not one for haggling and the confrontation from the local vendors makes me nervous. But I have been to Island Village and Margarittaville and enjoyed it. My fiance wanted to make a trip over since he's never been but I did NOT want to go on the night trip.

    We'll be sure to ask about the shopping trip shuttle or the taxi as suggested. You guys are awesome! 19 days and counting till we're Jamaica bound!

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