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    My husband and I will be at CSA from the 18th-24th of May. My husband is a jean and t shirt guy will that be appropriate attire for dinner?

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    So am I, but not in Jamaica. It is way too hot there for jeans and t-shirts are not appropriate for dinner.
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    My husband rarely wears anything but jeans and t-shirts either...I assist him with his shopping and packing for the Jamaica trip as it's a bit foreign to him to think of leaving the jeans behind. We are in Nebraska and my husband will wear jeans in July but something is different about Jamaica...he'll roast. And truthfully he'll stick out like a neon sign. Shorts and some casual shirts. I buy my husband a few "hawaiian" style shirts and he will wear them but his favorite are what I refer to as his dressy buttons, no collar, similar styling to a t-shirt but a better fabric and no logos or anything so they are a step up. A "polo" style shirt is fine also. For shoes some NICE flip flops or sandals are appropriate. If you want to eat at the reservation required restaurants (Lemongrass and Feathers) you'll have to step it up just a bit...lightweight pants such as linen, the hawaiian or polo type shirt and closed shoes like deck shoes. Some debate has been had about a closed toe know how some of those mens sandals are, they get so much leather strapping on them they are essentially a closed shoe with some air holes. I know exactly where you are coming from, trust me and leave the jeans and t-shirts at home.

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    My husband is also a "jeans and t-shirt" type of guy, but for dinner they have to wear a collared shirt. He prefers a casual button down to the golf shirts, but either is fine. As far as the pants goes, it depends on which restuarant you go to. We have not been to CSA, but at CSS there is only one restaurant that requires long pants, and a light weight pair of dress pants is what he prefers. The others he wears his shorts.

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    Way to hot and sticky for jeans. He’ll need a few shirts with collars , a few dress shorts, and or dress pants. You can wear the dress shorts to Patios and Palms, But Feathers and Lemongrass He’ll need pants with dress shoes.

    He doesnt have to be in them that long.

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    The restaurant descriptions on the website list the dress code, where applicable. It looks like the strictest is at Feathers (pants, collared shirt, closed shoes). Other than that, I would think casual wear (which in my mind is a broad definition) would be suitable.

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    I also wear jeans a lot here at home but in Jamaica...NO WAY! First it is too warm and humid. Secondly, you will be the only one wearing them and stick out like a sore thumb. I mean NO ONE! If you don't bring shorts (not jean shorts) and light slacks for evenings and swim suits for all day long expect to spend a lot of money trying to buy them after you get there in the gift shop. Jeans are basically useless except for maybe horseback riding. They are also dead, and expensive, weight in your suitcase. Go Jamaican and you will be happy you did.

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    The other thing to remember is that you don't have to eat at the restaurants with the dressier dress code either. You can eat at the more casual locations as many times as you like.

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    Sometimes the term "dress shorts" will put off us guys, I too am a jeans and tee shirt dude.

    For CSA I do not take any jeans and very few tee shirts (only for day time wear). I prefer the "board shorts" type shorts over the cargo pocket type. They are typically lighter weight, casual enough for me to be comfortable, but also dressy enough to not look out of place at any of the restaurants in the evening (except for Feathers of course). They are available almost anywhere this time of year. I get mine at Kohl's or Target usually. I have a small collection of polo type shirts and a few Hawaiian print shirts that we pack for our trip. A nice pair of leather sandals and I am ready to go. I will pack one pair of nice pants and a pair of loafers for a night or two at Feathers.

    That stuff and several pair of swim trunks and I am packed.

    By the way I am 57, not a kid by any means. So you don't have to be a youngster to be comfortable in shorts in Jamaica. Relax, go with the flow.

    Have a great trip!

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    I have to agree with everyone here. Most of the restaurants are open air (no air conditioning!) so jeans would be very uncomfortable and hot for dinner. T-shirts would be a little too casual for dinner attire, but polos and Hawaiian shirts are both comfortable and appropriate.

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    I've seen jeans pretty much everywhere but feathers. Not my choice of pants, but then I wear shorts in winter (well, what passes for winter here in Georgia). Not really worth a fight over, and they sell nice linen pants in the gift shop if he changes his mind.

    But yeah, a single polo shirt, pair of slacks, and loafers is a good thing to bring "just in case" and he can stay in t-shirts and jeans the rest of the time. I like subdued hawaiin shirts as they are good for daytime and evening wear, just have to change from shorts and sandals to dockers and loafers.

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