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Thread: mojito's at csa

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    Does CSA have mojitos?

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    When we were there last November, the bartender tried to improvise as they had no fresh mint. He used creme de menth instead, and it was, well undrinkable. He knew it would not be great, as fresh mint is manditory, so we were impressed that he even tried. I have heard that they serve them at other couples. Ask if they have mint before ordering.

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    they did last week when they had mint. that is the key. availability of mint.

    it's all about the kids

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    They had Mojitos when we were there in March. The problem is that they do not have fresh lime. They make them with lime juice and fresh mint, simple syrup and a splash of club soda.

    I think a couple of years ago a hurricane really hurt the lime crop. Since then limes are hard to come by. Even in Illinois limes are two for a buck.

    I made my wife her first Mojito of the season, last night. The fresh mint is finally up, fresh lime, muddle, add a little sugar, white rum over ice and a splash of club soda. It almost feels like summer.

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    Just back from mint, therefore no mojitos! Darn! BUT, I asked Dave at the Bella Vista beach bar for something that wasn't a milky frozen drink and he made me a lime daiquiri and it was just as satisfying as a mojito. So my new beach drinks are Lime Daiquiris and Hummingbirds!! YUM!! You da man, Dave!!

    Couldn't get mojitos at CSA last December, again because they were out of mint. But they grow it in their greenhouse across the street by the Spa, so maybe they've stocked up again. Hope so, because we'll be back there the end of Nov./11.

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