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    Default CSA Trip to Margaritaville

    Hi Everyone,

    We were wondering if Margaritaville is within walking distance of CSA or if we should plan to do the trip with the resort. Have any of you taken this excursion and if so was it worth it or should we plan to do this on our own watches?

    Thanks for your advice.

    Come on June 24th!!!!

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    Walk to the beach, turn left, walk for approximately 5 minutes - you are there.
    It's a tourist trap with expensive drinks; but a good photo op if you're in the mood.
    Have fun!

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    If you like hip-hop, rap and high drink prices you might like it. A big waste of time IMO.

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    Just like stated above, it is within walking distance of the resort (approx 5-10 minutes). We usually walk there, but beware of all the locals and their shops on the way there, because they really try and real you in. I feel bad ignoring them, but if you don't, you will never make it to Margaritaville.

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    A nice walk on the beach to get there,but a one and done experience. Food too pricey and no where near as tasty as CSA foods.

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    Thanks!!! 53 days to go!!!

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