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    Default CN beach question

    My wife and I are going to Couples for the first time at the end of May and have never tried a/n. Have read that the a/n beach at CN doesn't get a lot of use. Are there times when no one is there? We are considering trying it, but I don't think we could do it if we were the only people there.

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    I'm pretty sure that the AN area at CN gets lots of use. Not sure where you heard otherwise. I'll bet that you get lots of posts agreeing with me. We go to CSS so I can't really speak of CN but at CSS there seems to be an average of 15-40 couples at any given time. The area at CSS is huge so it never seems crowded.
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    We have been there twice (this March and last March) and there was never a time when there were no other people at the AN beach...and by the way we loved it!!!

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    Early in the morning, say before 10:00am, there is no one there. Dropping by before you go to breakfast is a great time to visit the AN beach and get a lay of the and. That's what my wife and I did first time we went to CN and decided to try the AN beach. If you're looking for a peaceful relaxing day at the beach, the AN beach is the most peaceful area at CN.

    ...don't forget to post a message about your first AN experience when you get back.


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    We were there last year and used the AN beach a little. Some days it was just us, other times there were a handful of other couples. It's not like CTI where there's 5-10 couples at any given time.

    We found that earlier in the morning was slower at CN than later in the afternoon. Since you've never tried it before I'd suggest going early and getting a chair behind the sea grape tree to reduce any level of uncomfortableness from others walking along the beach and trying to sneak a peek.

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    We were there around Labor day last year and we were routinely alone or with only one other couple.

    Your mileage may vary...

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    We often get there after breakfast - around 9:00 or so. Usually no one is there yet. But people start showing up shortly after. The bar opens at 10:00ish. At the end of May, we usually see anywhere from one other couple to 10 other couples. Some couples are quiet, some have conversations with others, some play with other couples they travelled with, but ALWAYS the couples at the AN beach have been very respectful and nice. I think you will enjoy it.

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    We were there the end of Jan., the beginning
    of Feb. and it was very well used, some days more than others but you would never be alone.

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    We have been to CN several times and will be returning for a week on May 7th. We usually will go over mid-morning and then again in the afternoon and usually there are at least 5-10 couples there.

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    We were there back in August. There were usually only one or two couples at a time. The most we saw at any one time was four couples. At night we, along with our friends were the only couples there and really enjoyed the hot tub ;-)

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    We've been in March, April, May and November. The beach was well attended every time, not too many, but a nice mix. I just think it depends on the crowd there at any given week.
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    We will be at CN for the first time end of April. Trying to talk wife into using the AN beach. Think she might after a few drinks lol..

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    We just got back from CN and we went to the AN beach for the first time. We went after breakfast on our last full day. There were about 5 people there when we arrived. We just wanted to say that we experienced AN, so our stay in that area was kind of brief. We got in the hot tub and then took a swim in the sea. I suggested to my husband that we try it, and it was fine! Have fun!

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