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    Default Aloe Vera in rooms...

    Can anyone tell me if the aloe that is in the room that they provide is aloe GEL or is a lotion....

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    It is a gel. I just love it.

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    Gel. We had two small bottles on our sink and it was nice stuff.

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    I didn't see any aloe of any kind in our room at CSS the first week of March except for what we brought ourselves...

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    There was no aloe at CN.

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    At CSA (I assume at the others too) it is a clear gel. It's smalls pretty good and works well.

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    It is a gel. Smells good too.

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    Default Aloe Vera

    Sorry for being a bit slow here but is this gel used as an aftersun?

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    At CSA our aloe was green and smelled kinda funky but it worked sooooo well!

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    Definitely gone from CN. Also the lotion is in a dispenser on the wall and is definitely not the same as they use to have in the little bottle. It's those little things you get use to that are gone now.

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    We did not have any type of aloe in our room at CSS but that was at the end of September last year. Maybe they have it now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dingdong View Post
    Sorry for being a bit slow here but is this gel used as an aftersun?
    Aloe vera is commonly used to soothe a sunburn. It has many uses might want to google it.

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    The aloe seems to be what was removed when they went to the dispensers on the wall. I really missed it in December too. But, I am sure in order to keep prices as they have been, some changes had to be made. As long as we have the great room and service along with the beach and sun, I am happy to go "home" whenever we can.

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    we were at css in august and we had to buy aloe at the gift shop

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    Default growing wild

    Not sure if you are suppose to do this but, there are some plants growing outside at CN that are aloe plants. We have seen this used and it works great. We grow this same plant in our house. It grows back very fast and is good for the plant to be pruned. It is also a clear gel.

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    none in April at CSS

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    At CSA, we had 2 small bottles of green aloe vera gel (maybe 3 oz. bottles). There was also body lotion in a dispenser pump on the wall.

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    we just got back from cn the 24th and there was not any aloe vera in our ocean deluxe room.

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    I guess it all depends on availability. Maybe they were just using up what they had left when we were there in Oct. 2010. There was no aloe in the dispenser on the wall then and we still had the tubes. I thought it was great that they were keeping it that way because you could bring it out to the beach in your bag. It was the same bottle and clear gel as when we were there in April, 2010. I guess we will bring some with us next time just to be on the safe side.

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    We also were at CN in April in a suite and they did not have aloe. Fortunately, we knew that they no longer supplied it from reading the message board before going. My wife brought the Couples aloe she took home from CSA last year.

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