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    My wife and I are going back to Swept Away in 42 days. I have looked at the meet and greet section and noticed that June there are a whole lot of couples going to be there. Has anyone been there when the hotel was booked up. We normally go in October and September but since the tropical storm we were caught up in last year, we decided to go in early June to reduce the chance of that happening again this year. The resort was actually not very populated in those months but this June it looks almost booked up. My question is how crowded does it get when it's booked up?

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    The beauty of all the Couples resorts is that even when they are at full capacity they never seem crowded. You will have space on the beach and you won't find yourself feeling rushed to get out of the restaurants to make room for the next folks. No worries, you'll have a great time and you'll never know if the resort is at 50% or 100% capacity unless you ask.

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    Back in May of '09 there was the big flu scare. While we were at SweptAway, they took on a whole slew of new clients who HAD been destined for Mexico's resorts (Cancun, Playa, etc.) and Couples graciously accepted as many as they could accommodate... FULL HOUSE! But NO issues with restaurants, service, etc. They managed it in amazing fashion... We wouldn't have realize that there was a full house if someone in management hadn't mentioned it to us.

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    We just returned. There over Easter weekend. April 16-27. Resort was full to capacity. No issues what so ever.

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    I have been there when it was at almost 100% and it didn't seem that busy to me. I think part of that might be that we stay in the older section and that can only hold so many people. The beach didn't really seem too busy either though. The catamaran cruises and snorkeling did fill up really fast though.

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    We have been in September(low season) and in July (more traditional vacation time) and I must say that we preferred it when the resort was a little closer to capacity. There are little differences when the resort is less full that disappointed us. Of course the only thing I can think of at this point is that while the breakfast menu at Patois was available, it was served in the air-conditioned environs of Feathers.

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    My husband and I went last year late June, and they were almost at 100% capacity, but honestly you couldn't tell. We never had any problem finding loungers and a great spot on the beach to relax and enjoy the day. You will need to be on top of dinner reservations and the catermaran cruise, because those do fill up quick.

    We are going back to CSA at the end of this month, and I can hardly wait! The weather is absolutely beautiful there this time of year.

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    We have been there a couple of times when the resort has been to full capacity. (the week during Christmas and New Year's.) One time there were no issues but the second time the only issue is that there was not enough beach chairs for everyone (on the beach or at the pools). The staff did all they could to find them, bring them to you, or be on the lookout for one when it came available. I compromised...I laid on a towel on the beach and when a guest got up to leave, offered me their chair. Another day we went across the street to the lap pool and had just as much fun.

    We went in June last year and there were no issues at all...we were commenting on how empty the resort looked as we were used to going at Christmas time. We are going again June 10-19. This will be our 6th trip.
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    We will be there the exact same time!! First time tho, so can't help you! But if the rest of the resort is set up anything like the sports center we'll be good. OMG way possible ALL those tredmills can be used at one The grounds look huge. The replies you received should put you at ease. It will all be good. No worries. Atrium room here we excited.

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    We were just at CSA for 10 days, and before we left we noticed it was showing no availability for our dates, so they must have been pretty full. It didn't have any negative affect on our trip though - the property is so large that there's space for everyone, and we never had problems finding free beach chairs even later in the day (all the shaded huts seemed to be claimed early, but we never wanted one). If you are flexible on times, you can still get dinner reservations pretty easily too. We ate at Lemongrass twice and Feathers 3 times, and got to do all the activities we wanted (catamaran, snorkeling, and scuba diving).

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