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    Default Any suggestions on miscellaneous things to bring??

    My Hubby and I are headed to CTI in June and we are so excited that I look at the site almost daily! This is our first real vacation and trip out of the US. I am wondering if anyone can suggest things to bring that we may not think about? Was there anything you were missing when you got to Jamaica and wish you had? Thanks!

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    Check out this thread:

    Lot's of great ideas here.

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    We took a small flash light for walking around at night and it was very handy.

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    One thing I would suggest, that I didn't see on the other list (which, btw is AMAZING!), is solid tolietries. I spent two weeks in Europe last year with a 44 pound suitcase limit. I cut down on space in the suitcase and weight by purchasing solid shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. I would totally recommend it to anyone traveling and worried about space/weight. I purchased mine through LUSH. They have an on-line store, as well as store fronts. I will say, the sales staff are awesome in person and will really work with you to help find just the right product for you. I plan on using my solids when we go to CSA in December.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisS View Post
    One thing I would suggest . . . is solid tolietries . . . I . . . purchas[ed] solid shampoo, conditioner, and lotion . . . through LUSH . . . .
    What a great idea! We travel with carry-on luggage only and always buy shampoo and conditioner while at the resort. When we stayed at CSS in 2009, however, the sundries shop had none. The "conditioning shampoo" that the resort provides doesn't work very well for me, so I was miserable until I hired a driver to take me to a store to buy conditioner. The solid conditioner will ensure that I never have a similar problem. Thanks for posting.
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    The best thing we brought for our last two trips was clamps for keeping the towels on your lounger. We heard many comments on ours. I got big clothes pins that clamp the towel directly to the floatie, yep, they're pretty big, but a great addition to my packing list.

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    The best thing we brought was not a lot of stuff!! You need a few bathing suits and stuff to wear at night. The end.

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