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    Default Another shuttle bus question

    Has anyone every gone with a larger group at one time. Meaning we have about 24 people or so just in one group landing at the same time going to the same resort (CN). I would think there may be some other also on the flight that will be going to the same resort or CSA. They will put people to CSA on the shuttle going to CN as well. Just trying to figure out if they will get everyone loaded up on a few shuttles or will some have to wait longer due to the large group.


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    The shuttles only hold about 6 couples and their luggage, so good chance you will not all be on the same bus or arrive at the same time to CN. If this is really important to your group, you might be able to get information through your travel agent or trip advisor for a private bus as there are large buses available, it's just that Couples uses the smaller buses.

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    Depends on availability of larger buses. Generally speaking though, the buses that are typically used hold 16-20 people and their luggage.

    Good question, though, and based on what Couples knows about incoming flights, they might try to have a larger bus available, or a few of the "regular" buses available. There are usually buses leaving every 10 minutes or so.

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    You might want to contact the resort ahead of time to let them know the situation. The largest shuttles I've seen hold about 10-12 people. They might be able to arrange for a larger transport so you can all ride together.

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    I don't know if they still use them but the first time I went to Couples, 10 years ago, they used a large tour bus style bus that held somewhere between 30-50 people. All the other times were van style buses.

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    We have never been on a bus with more than 4 other couples and the buses were always full. There were 3 extra seats but they were full of luggage every time. One time we were there when a large party showed up and they did take a few buses that all left at the same time.

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    We have been on everything from a mini van, with just the two of us, to a full size bus with a movie (Cool Runnings) from CN to MoBay.
    I agree it would be a good idea to let Guest Relations at CN . If they do not have a large bus available they would arrange to have the transportation. When will you be comming in? We will be there 7/01 till 7/09.

    Have fun, Finns UP!

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    Sorry, I think I led everyone astray with my wording. I am aware of the smaller buses they use. This is not the my first time down. What I was trying to figure out was, if that they will be prepared for a large group arriving at once. I figure we would take up 2 of the "buses" with just our group. I am just hoping that no one has to wait around for 1/2 to hour waiting for a ride because of an influx of people to transport.

    I hope that made it a little more clear. Thanks everyone.

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    Bruce and Brenda, we will be there from 6/6 to 6/13. We are from PA as well. We have 24 or 28 people going down at the same time. By the end of the week there will be about 36 or 38 of us at the resort. That would be pretty nice to get a full size bus! I will make a call in the coming days.


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    If everyone in your party lets Couples know what their flight plans are, they will be prepared with enough transportation for everyone. Simply have everyone in your party call 1-800-COUPLES and give their flight information. That should be all they need.
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    me....What time are you all arriving? We are going to be at CN the same dates as all of you, we don't get in till 7:50pm.

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    We should be arriving around 8:30 AM on the 6th. We leave Philly at 6:00Am or so. Earliest flight we could find.

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