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    Does anyone know what time the pools and jacuzzis close at CSA?!

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    They don't as long as they aren't being cleaned.

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    I'm not really sure if they do... I've seen people in the middle hot tub at 2 am.. Enjoy your trip

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    And by the way, I've heard the pool bars close "early"...... what exactly is early ?

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    NEVER!!! If you get up very early in the morning you may find a sign on the pool that says it's closed for cleaning but basically it's available any time you'd want.

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    They don't close.

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    When we were there in March it seemed they never closed, at least the jacuzzi, people were always in it pretty late at night past eleven for sure. Can't give you a specific time though.

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    Open 24/7 except for when they are cleaning them early in the morning.
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    Swim up bar closes around 5 I think if I remember correctly. We would usually hang out there in the late afternoons and it was always a disappointment when they closed. I guess they want to close before dinner but I for one would love a late night swim up bar!!

    We would usually bring drinks from the room back to the pool at night and hang out there with a few others. Very quiet by the pool at night.

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    I don't think they "close" but the two main pools are right next to the two main restaurants. I have seen a few drunk people being asked to leave the pool during dinner time. I have never seen anyone else swimming during that time though. I don't they would mind if you swam without being loud and making a scene but I can't really say for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Swim up bar closes around 5 I think if I remember correctly..
    Yeah 5 sounds about right, we asked why the closes so early and were told that if they didn't know one would go to dinner.

    Last year we would use the hot tub/ pool by Palms late into the night and no one said anything to us.

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