Well, I will try to not drag this out too long. This was trip #4 to CSA and as usual CSA exceeded our expectations. First we barely made our connection in Charlotte as we left an hour late ARGGGH!! The lines at MBJ were a little long but we finally made it to the lounge. We maybe had to wait 10-15 minutes for the bus. We had to stop part way as a Guy had to pee. We then stopped again for a potty and red stripe.
Checking was fast and to our surprise, we got upgraded from a greathouse vs to a bfvs on the first floor. SO AWESOME! ! Steps from the sand and the Bamboo bar.
The food is so good we have a hard time deciding where and what to eat. We did have the snapper sandwich at Seagrapes a few times and at the Palms. It is my favorite thing to eat. The salad bar at the Palms rocks!
We did the cocktail hour and repeaters dinner and I met the GM himself Mr Bowleg. I had a great chat with the sanitation manager, I don't remember his name but what a gem. We sat with the sports director and enjoyed his company.
We had awesome weather and the beach is smaller but we had no problems finding shade if we wanted. There were the same people hoarding the palapas with their stuff again. They would also then switch to 2 more chairs in the sun or sit at the bamboo bar.COME ON!! We also had someone remove our book and sunscreen from our chairs when we went to lunch, maybe 45 minutes. They took our chairs AND towels. There are plenty of chairs and floaties so there are some real rude people.
We did the trading places to CN and while I can see why people would like CNegril for it's small compact area, really nice pool and nice beach, I will stick with CSA. The beach felt small and crowded. It is shallow with nice clear water but I felt like I was on top of other people while I was swimming and lying on the beach. It is a nice perk to be able to check out sister resorts though.
Just wanted to give a shoutout to Sarah and Jordan from Nebraska as we had a nice time with you guys on the cat cruise. It is always a highlight of our trip.
We went to Ricks again and probably for the last time. We will check out the sands or the rockhouse or maybe the Pushcarts.
We saw some new things on the beach like horseback riding and cotton candy. We also saw some beautiful weddings and vow renewals. Congrats to you all.
To close, we were taken care of by so many nice employees I couldn't begin to name them all but I did on our comment card. Thank you Couples for a great vacation. Sara and Jim -Woodbury,MN.