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    Default Weather - Go in Jan, Feb, or March 2012?

    Hello! This will be our 3rd time back to Couples, prob head back to CSA, and want to get some advice on month when there will most likely be the best weather. We went in Nov. 2009 and it was perfect, December 2010 and it was terrible. So now we for sure want to go after December but which month is best? Any help would be appreciated!!

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    February is absolutely gorgeous. Cant get any better.

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    I think this past winter was just a really bad one. We were at CTI/CSS end of Dec/early Jan and the weather wasn't great (cool/windy/cloudy - not rainy), especially the first week. However when we went to CSA back in early Jan. 2008 it was prefect. Just cross your fingers that the next winter is better!

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    We have been 3 times in Feb and IMO that is the best month. We have watched 2 SuperBowls on the beach at CSA. It was awesome! If I could afford it, I would go in Feb every year.

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    We went in January 2005 and the resort said they were still having December winds. It was quite cool and few days, but we have a couple of days that were just paradise.

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