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    Default Room service Breakfast at CSS?

    I have been hearing a lot on this message board about how great the room service is at CSS, but when I look at the menue it does not show any breakfast items. Can you get breakfast other than the continental breakfast? Just wondering?

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    There are several options on the breakfast menu, but it really is just continental; there is no option for cook-to-order. Still, we took advantage of this on the morning we left so that we actually had a chance to eat something, and it was very nice for what it was. Just don't get your heart set on bacon and eggs!

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    I think I remember that it's the continental breakfast. It's very good.

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    It is a continental breakfast only but you have to get into the swing of things the Couples way!

    1. Continental room service breakfast on your balcony (it's really pre breakfast)
    2. When you get the urge you mosey on down to the breakfast buffet for your official hot breakfast.
    3. Remember to get your fruit smoothie at the end of breakfast the bar doesn't open till 10 am.
    4. Lunch in one of several venues or room service.
    5. Beach grill or room service afternoon snack.
    7. Pre dinner cheese plate from room service with wine on your balcony.
    6. Dinner at one of several venues some require reservations some don't or room service.
    8. Call Hugh at the bell captains desk to cart your bloated self around on the resort bus you've eaten too much to walk all the steps back to your room! LOL

    The most important step of all is going on a diet before you arrive so the weight you gain while your there isn't too horrible and try to make it to the gym a few times there really is a nice one by the mineral pool.
    Shari & James
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