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    Default Ok CSS....You have less than 7 days to get ready to Par Ta...Hugs

    To the wonderful staff members at CSS...Couples Sans Souci

    You have less than 7 days to get yourself in shape to swap hugs and get the Par Ta started.

    Let the good times roll at Huggerville(CSS)...Where strangers do meet,have a blast,smile a lot,swap hugs,become friends and receive outstanding service.

    May 7-14,2011....Tommywommy time

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    I cannot wait!!! I love hugs!!!

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    Get ready...May 7th will be here soon.

    Minimi....Fluffy...Shelly Ann...Kerry Ann...Eston...Noxroy....Martin...Dr Love(Evol)...Orlanda...Hugh McCoy..Clyde...Sillay...Kimberly...Michael Walters...Seymour Henry...Cohen...Barrington...Duane...Lowell..,etc

    Salty Dog time at CSS....Couples Sans Souci...Huggerville

    See all of you soon.

    Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 c

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    Amyangeli..I'll swap you an even dozen.

    Yay us..Huggerville Jamaica...May 7-14,2011

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    Hey Tommy!
    I'm so jealous that I'm going to miss you and Peggy at CSS!!!! We don't arrive until July 20th so please leave enough hugs for us when we arrive! Can you tell me what's in a salty dog??? If it's not too strong, I might give one a try on my birthday!

    All is irie and RESPECT! Have a wonderful trip!

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    suzyQ...I am sorry we will be gone from CSS when you arrive...Should I just hang around?

    Aww....So glad you asked me about the world famous Salty Dog...Not just a Salty Dog but a CSS Salty Dog....CSS flys in the world's juicest grapefruits,purest salt,North Pole ice and the best Royal Russian vodka...CSS squeezes the grapefruit juice into a salt rimmed glass,adds ice and then the vodka...It will make your butter flutter..PLEASE toast me at CSS with one AND take me a picture of your smile once you taste it.


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    Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for letting me know what's in a Salty Dog!!! I must admit when at CSS I'm usually a Rum Punch Girl, but for you I will give a Salty Dog a try!!!! I will make sure my hubby Karl takes a picture of my first sip!!!

    All the best to you and Peggy and have an AWESOME time at CSS!!!!

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    We returned from CSS today...We had another outstanding trip.

    suzyQ...Please do try the Salty Dog and PLEASE be sure Lucky Karl takes a picyure for me.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci....Oh,how I love typing these words.

    CSS...First week or two of December 2011??????????????

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    Hi Tommy!
    So glad you and Peggy had a great time!!!! I'm looking forward to my first Salty Dog!!!

    I hope your re-entry back to your "regular" routine goes smoothly after your time at CSS. I'm usually a grumpy gus my first few days back home.....:-(

    All the best!

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