When I was working in Jamica I met so many wonderful Canadians vacationing! They all said "how can we help Issa Trust Foundation?" Now is your chance! We have an amazing new pediatric rotation program for pediatric doctors! We are asking for pediatric doctors to volunteer a minimum of 2 weeks, prefer 30 days. Issa Trust Foundation program will pay for everything except airline and evacuation and health insurance! While volunteering, you will stay in a Villa at the Couples Tower Isle Resort! Currently, we do not have any hospitals or volunteers from Canada volunteering to help the children. Please share our information, read the blogs on the www.issatrustfoundation.com website of those who have volunteered!
Contact: Diane Pollard, President & CEO at issatrustfoundation@yahoo.com or dbpollard@mchsi.com.

As a past volunteer stated "Should the chances of surviving the first year of life, depend on where a child is born and the wealth of the family? Unfortunately, this is the condition of many of the world’s children. Those of us who can make a difference are the lucky ones. The more you give is the more you receive. The past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten the chance to encourage and inspire young children, received many hugs and many grateful ”Thank You!” from parents."