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    We are planning our first trip to Couples Negril for this Christmas. Does anyone know the best time to book for the lowest price from Canada? I see they have discounts on now but I was wondering if there are usually better discounts as it gets closer to the end of the year. I know it is all guesses but thought some regulars could make a more accurate guess based on their experiences. If on ly December did not seem like so far away. Thanks.

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    I think you missed it. Prices went up April 16th. Randy posted that they would, and sure enough they went up April 16th. I have no clue if they will go down again or not. I have not been following the prices for that long.

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    I wait until September and book with the 250 per night Secret dont know where you are going, but I saved about $1000 dollars last year....5 days in december for 2400 or so...

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