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    Default CSA April 16-23rd - A Time for Healing

    This recent trip home to CSA evolved into a time of healing for The Razzls. When we booked this trip back in June of 2010 we had no idea our lives were going to be turned inside out & upside down. What is the saying? Life happens while you're making plans? My mother was diagnosed w/small cell lung cancer early December 2010 and went to heaven a mere 3 weeks later after her 2nd chemo treatment. The emotional roller coaster ride, 'the business side' of death, the ups & downs of grief, the legal dealings, as well as finding suitable living arrangements for my sister w/spina bifida had taken their tolls. Going home to CSA was like a miracle for us. CSA as always opened her loving arms to us but the sense of being home was felt like a mothers loving embrace. The week passed swiftly as they always do, but this trip home allowed us a place to simply be, a time to reflect and to renew, a time to dream again, as well as a time reconnect with each other. It was also balm for the soul to see & reconnect w/our friends who remain in the employ of CSA. We really didn't 'do' anything on this trip other than let CSA weave her magic spell upon us... Our eyes and souls gratefully took in nature's pure beauty, our skin was caressed by the silky Caribbean breezes and waters, we were witness to some of the most breath taking sunsets we've ever seen in all our journeys home, our hearts rejoiced in the smiles and laughter shared w/friends, and we were delighted to be relaxing among CSA's younger and older lovers. Our evenings unfolded as they normally do with us walking the paths hand in hand after a little wine and a wonderful dinner. We retreated to our balcony early to dream a little dream and enjoy each others company, listening to the gleep-gleep-gleep of the tree frogs and marvel at the wonderful canopy of stars... Our sincere thanks and praise to CSA and her exceptional staff. Thank you for everything... (and we'll see you all again June 4th! yes June 4th. tis my b-day & we're splurging) Love & Hugs - Sal & Wendy Randazzo

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    Razz- sorry to hear about your mom.

    CSA is a magical place. It gets in your blood. All you can think about is your next trip home.

    Enjoy your birthday!!!


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    Razzle~ I"m sorry to hear about your loss, I'm glad that CSA was able to give you what you needed. I can so relate. I've also had a to deal with the unexpected death of parent this year, along with other sad family situations . I was so looking forward to our annual December trip for a chance to get away from all the stress but my grandmother got very ill and I couldn't leave her. Now.. finally.. we're booked to return to CSA in June.and I"m looking to have a trip very much like the one you just experienced. Just knowing CSA is there waiting for me sometimes was enough to get through the hard times. It really is more than just a vacation.

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    Sal & Wendy...

    We obviously don't have to encourage your strength... we hope you continue with your healing. We're happy that you found home in a time when you needed it most.

    Our sincerest sympathies...

    Chris & Joyce
    Kaukauna, WI

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    Sorry duplicate post
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    You have my deepest sympathies in the loss of your mother. I too, was in a similar situation 14 yrs. ago with my own mother who passed away at the young age of 55, very unexpectedly. I found great comfort during that time on a beach in southern Florida just gazing at the water and reflecting on times past and the future without her. Even though we were unaware of Couples Resorts back then, having been to CSA recently, I can completely understand what it did for your soul. I'm very happy you were able to get away and go "home" and find peace. Take care...

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    What a wonderful way to get things back to what is somewhat normal...and glad that you found all the happiness you always do. Have fun on your trip in June as well.

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    Your story brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing. My prayers are with your family.

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    keep staying positive
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    Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die.

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    Sal & Wendy,
    So sorry for your loss.
    I posted this yesterday but some how it got lost in cyberspace.
    You speak no truer words, and we understand your feelings and share your sentiments 100%.
    I lost my Dad December 23 and my wife lost her MOM 7 weeks later on February 11. Both unexpected. Bitter sweet to use the old cliché. Bitter because they left without saying goodbye, and sweet because we assume that they didn't suffer.
    Our CSA vacation was booked last June and we considered cancelling, but now are thankful that we didn't. We didn't realize the "funk" that we had gotten into over the past 4 months. CSA has magical healing qualities, and the time we spent there helped immensely.
    Do enjoy your June birthday trip. We are heading back Oct 11 for our 18 visit, this time for our 25th anniversary and to renew our vows.
    Sorry that we didn't get a chance to make your acquaintance while we were there (April 16-27).

    One love and hugs. best regards,
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words, your thoughtfulness, and sharing with us. Your replies have brought Razzl to tears and we are humbled by your compassion. We are also very sorry for the loss of your parents as you've shared in this thread. We hope to meet you all some fine day - of course in our happy place at CSA. Until then, peace be the journey... Sal & Wendy

    P.S. Tom & Erin - I'm pleased to read CSA also shared her healing powers with you. Have a great trip in October to celebrate your 25th anniversary and vow renewal. We're also sorry we did not meet while we were there.

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