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    Default couples chat room

    its probably been suggested a million times but why doesnt couples have a live chat room facility?
    also why does it take around 24hrs for your posts to become visible i no its so posts can be checked but it works on trip advisor ect,

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    All posts are sent to a review queue and there are only a couple of people that keep this place running as well as it does. Patience.

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    Actually it doesn't work so well on Trip Advisor, they have a lot of posts that are not in fact posted by "real" travelers. People get on Trip Advisor and post things about resorts just for the sake of bashing, I wouldn't call the "works". This message board is owned by Couples, it's on their website. Can't blame them for wanting to monitor what gets said. Randy...aka currently the only one who approves messages for posting to the board. It generally isn't 24 hours for posts to become visible, Randy usually updates the board several times daily. On the weekends it may not happen as often but you can't blame the guy for wanting a little time off. While that may frustrate those of us who get our Jamaica fix reading here I don't think anything that gets posted requires such immediate attention that this board doesn't work just fine as it is. We'd all love for it to be more instantaneous but we are selfish by nature. I figure this place keeps me on Jamaica time.

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    Couples wants to filter the message board content.

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    Because they have to be moderated/censored
    Erika & Sean

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    This accommodation is basically a two person operation... and it ain't their day job. By the way, this is far more than any of the other Jamaican (or Caribbean) resort chains offer.

    The reason that TA can do it, is that it is a revenue driven site... this one is owned and operated by the vendor. TA exists as a site to do business; Couples is a resort chain that's not in the business of running a website... hope that all makes sense....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Yes, you are correct; this has been asked a million times.

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    Couples carefully protects it's reputation. An open forum could be sabotaged by competitors and create an opposite affect to what Couples is trying to do.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    This is a Couples Resort sponsored message board. They read and approve all posts to make sure they are in they in sync with Couples Resorts policy's, goals and to remove all spam.

    Couples Resort's does post, (approve), the good and bad reports, but they do determine if the bad is true or not before they approve the posting.

    Couples Resorts pays the bill for the software, server, and to monitor for this board. No other resort in Jamaica offers a message board, so we just need to go with flow.

    Thanks Couples Resort for this board (Randy and Team)
    Irie Mon

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