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    Default CSS room categories- help!


    I am going to book our honeymoon stay at CSS, and I am having a hard time choosing a room category. I looked at pictures on the website, but they all look similar. Which rooms have the best locations and views?

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    It depends on what you want. If you want to be close to the action, the ocean, the pool, SSB and watersports, then go for a one bedroom ocean suite located in buildings A and B. These blocks are 3 floors high and those are the only steps you will have to use unless you go to the spa, the Casanova restaurant, the lobby, the games room or the balloon bar. Block C is the one closest to the Palazzina restaurant, it's 3 floors also but with the next fewest steps overall. Those rooms are classified as the lowest category because even though you're close to the ocean and all the amenities as Blocks A & B, you can't see the ocean except thru the trees. We stayed in C-3 once and absolutely loved the room! It was huge! We were on the ground floor so we had a terrace that was pretty private because there is no walkway in front (except for groundskeepers). We left our scuba wetsuits etc. out here and didn't have a problem. I would recommend Block C if you don't care about the view (although upper floors may be able to see the ocean), are trying to save money and want to be near the action without too many steps. For me, I would rather stay in the lowest room category and stay for a few extra days.

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    get the penthouse suites in g building or prime ministers suite or really go all out and get the hibiscus cottage

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    I can tell you that we had a Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite #D - 7 that had an AWESOME view of both the Main Beach and the Ocean as it was a corner room. The Verandah was quite large. The room/building itself was right at the top of the steps going from the main beach towards the lobby/Mineral Pool area overlooking the ocean.

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    Congrats on choosing CSS for you Honeymoon..GREAT choice...
    We have toured and stayed in buildings A,C,D,E,F and G...All are somewhat difference but all were wonderful.
    Not sure which room would have the best view but all had great views.

    CSS...Coupples Sans Souci...Oh,how I love typing these words.

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    We just got back from CSS last week & we stayed on B Block (B-35) Great view...third floor. We loved it! Good Luck!

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    tia - First of all, congratulations on your upcoming marriage - you have chosen one of the most romantic resorts in the Caribbean for your Honeymoon! We have stayed in a Deluxe Verandah, a One Bedroom Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite, a Penthouse, and a One Bedroom Ocean Suite. Our favourite was the One Bedroom Ocean Suite, we were in G 8, with a wonderful room layout, and an amazing view. Send us an e-mail to if you'd like, and we'll send you lots of information about the different room categories, about the resort in general, and some pictures from our 3 trips to CSS.

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    I loved the penthouse suite, I didnt mind the stairs at all so it was a perfect choice for me. If you are more of a beach person then you may want to choose a room thats closer to the beach. Me and my boyfriend arent big on being on the beach but love looking at the ocean in the early morning so I think the best view comes from a penthouse suite. And if you are lucky enough to get a room in E-block then you will be close enough to the balloon bar should you want a late night drink and you can hear the entertainment at night from your balcony

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    Default CSS room categories- help!

    I think room choice is so much of a personal preference thing, it's hard for reply to questions asking for the "best" rooms. What preferences are you looking for when you select a room? Personally, I loved our Penthouse Suite at CSS (the Angela Bassett suite- PERFECTION) and, after seeing the beachfront and verandah rooms, was glad that I had picked the penthouse, especially since it was only a few dollars more per night. We were married at CSS and our room was "secluded" in that we were at the very top of the D-block and our balcony gave us a totally unobstructed view of the ocean and most of the resort; we could also see the main lawn/beach and the A-B blocks. The balcony was the big selling point for us and we loved it. The room itself was good. Standard amenities in all the room categories: mini-bars in all the rooms, very comfy bed, nice wall-mounted flat-screen TVs in bed/living rooms, big bathroom with large walk-in shower & vanity (double in penthouse, not sure on others). Other than room service and sleeping, we weren't in the room much to criticize it . It seemed to me that the biggest difference in some of the room categories is the bathroom and balcony setup. The beachfront rooms do have modern, recently renovated bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs, whereas the other room categories are not renovated (but nice nonetheless). The balcony on the penthouse suite had a trellis separating ours from the suite balcony next door, but we never had any issues with privacy; some balconies have permanent walls. It's really a personal preference thing...Once you determine what features you would like to enjoy your visit your way, search the site and boards for those specifics and pick the room that best fits your preferences.
    Wrong date on pics, taken Sept. 2010
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    Default CSS Room Choice

    Hi Marguline,
    I just wanted to extend to you a hearty THANK YOU for also appreciating the joys of a Penthouse Suite in E Block!!! My husband and I had the great pleasure of staying in the Steve McQueen Suite on our first visit to CSS and we stayed in E Block on our second visit. At first we were disappointed that we weren't in D Block, but once we saw the view from E12 we were happy campers!!! We spent many an evening dancing cheek to cheek on our balcony listening to the live music from the Balloon Bar!!! All is irie! Any room at CSS with the person you love is a blessing!


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    Yes suzyQ I think people dont give enough respect to the E-block penthouse suites, so I am here to sing its praises to anyone that ask...

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